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Joy and Kindness

We here at Brave Souls Photography are not strangers to sadness, hurt, sorrow, or pain. We know that it is not possible to simply fix all the hurt in the world.

So, we choose to spread joy and kindness. Which, to be honest, kind of seems like an antidote to all this pain, doesn’t it?

Pictures are important to us, we know they are important to many. We have big goals in our minds.

For example:

How can we spread what we’re doing across the country or the world?

Is it possible to make sure literally everyone has a picture of their family or themselves or someone they love that they treasure?

Should we start laying out plans for a time machine so we can go back and take the photos we wish we would have?

But, obviously, these are not realistic so we had to trim them down a little bit.

We have been able to take pictures for many local families, now! We are working on another event. We have grown and adapted and transformed and will continue to do so.

Maybe, with our pictures, we can make someone smile when they wouldn’t have.

Maybe, our pictures have brought up a needed memory for someone who is hurting.

Maybe, the photo sessions and events we plan have themselves created beautiful memories for the families we have served.

Maybe, this grieving mother's heart is healed a little every time we touch a new life or have the honor of being present for a special moment.

Maybe, kindness really does change things.

This began in memory of sweet seven year old Jacob. To us… a son, a student, a friend, a teacher, a brother… now our angel. He taught us a lot about kindness and we are really thankful we are able to cultivate it and share it on our journey.

Thank you for letting us share kindness and find joy with you.

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