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Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Photo Shoot 2020

A few weeks ago, we held our annual sidewalk chalk event at Sorteberg Early Childhood Center. Of course, this year was a little different because of Covid-19, but we adapted and made it work!

When families signed up this year, they were given an arrival time so we didn’t have too many people at any given time and could maintain social distancing.

Because of this, we were blessed with a gift.

We were able to spend precious time with each family, at least one of us. And we were able to catch up with families we know that we haven’t seen for a long time.

It was truly beautiful.

The event started for Jake’s bucket list, the first one was hosted by my friend Carrie on her beautiful new blacktop donated by Erickson Asphalt. The only one Jake attended as he passed away six months later. So many acts of kindness came together that day. We made new friends and connections and found a lot of joy in the event.

Jacob fighting a dragon at the first chalk event in 2017.

Then, it grew. By year two we knew we would need a bigger space. Nineteen families came (if I remember right) and it was INCREDIBLE! Year three, Sparky the Unicorn and Mansetti’s food truck made for true chaos and over 30 families attending! We began to fall in love with the chaos.

This year, as with everything, our event was slower and smaller. No Sparky. No food. No family chalk creations as we couldn’t leave it out for all to use.

Milo and Leo are being abducted by aliens! Oh no! Their mother is Carrie, host of the first sidewalk chalk event

But, then there was more. More conversation. More personal attention for everyone that came to enjoy. More time getting to know new people instead of just quick hurried “hi! bye!” with the people we already know.

More time for us to hear, directly from families, how Jacob’s legacy and BSP’s mission is bringing them joy.

As it turns out, it was just what we needed. Thank you to all who joined us! It was a PERFECT day!

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