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Welcome to our new site!

We are excited to be growing and learning! This is absolutely a "learn-as-you-go" type situation. As we enter our second year in November, we can now saw we officially have a website! That makes us legit, right? We are so excited to offer this new way to connect with our organization.

We hosted our Third Annual Ultimate Sidewalk Chalk Photo Shoot last weekend, September 22nd, and it was phenomenal. It felt the like the perfect cumulation of all the hard work we have put into this mission so far. There were so many smiles, joy, and happy tears (probably mostly from me) the day was truly beautiful.

We believe that none of this is truly in our hands. We often pray about where this will go and what we will do. Non-profits so often start from nothing but an idea; and that's how BSP began. God carries us though every single mission, every day, every meeting, every photo session and truly through every event. He shows us to be brave in the face of challenges. It takes bravery to plan big events! We can attest to that!

As time goes on, in addition to our social media, we hope to use this site a resource to share photos, adventures, relationships, and growth in our faith with all of you. Lets grow together.

Help us test this website thing out! Do you want to volunteer? Click the link! Donate? Click away! Request a photo session? Click, click, click! We hope to hear from you soon.


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